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I’ve been in the industry for a couple years doing a wide variety of work.  Lately I’ve been bouncing around between programming, VFX art, shaders, and design implementation.  I usually shift my discipline based off of team composition or what work is highest priority.


While this work has been really rewarding, I’m actually looking to switch over to sound design as a career.  I’ve been making electronic music for almost 3 years with a heavy focus on sound design.  The techniques I’ve been mastering are applicable to any kind of audio production.  I also built a modular synthesizer focused on audio processing which has enabled me to produce sounds unlike anything I ever achieved in a software environment.  I’ve always enjoyed making game audio, and now with more knowledge of electronic synthesis and audio production, I’m ready to make the switch.

Machinarium Audio Replacement

I made some quirky sound effects and music to go with a gameplay sample of Machinarium.  Most of it is foley I recorded with some additional processing.  The character sounds were done with vocoder effects.  

Mortal Kombat Audio Replacement

I replaced the audio for a Mortal Kombat fight sequence.  I used a ring modulation synthesis technique on my modular synth to create high impact body hits.  I also did some FM synthesis and filtering to create the more energy related sound effects.  I thinly layered in some samples from libraries, but the majority of the audio is made from scratch. 

Bicyclism EP

Bicyclism is being built into a full game.  My contributions have been music, sound effects, environment modeling, lighting, and enemies. 

Bicyclism Game Jam

Bicyclism is a game jam I did with a couple friends.

Frozen Masquerade

This was my biggest game project while going to Digipen.  I built it on my own over the course of a year and a half. 

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